Is there a place for Artificial Intelligence in EHS Regulation?

by Enhesa 04 Dec. 2017

By Andy Giffen and Anshul Bhatnagar

Enhesa Enforcement Corner– Issue 3

by Enhesa 04 Dec. 2017

Enforcement in September 2017

Ask Enhesa Vol. 9

by Enhesa 29 Nov. 2017

Featuring contributions from Sarah Toussaint, Tjeerd Hendel-Blackford, Jill Bernstein, Dusan Sevic

You asked and we answered!

New Trend: Fidget Spinners

by Enhesa 27 Nov. 2017

What EHS legal requirements does a fidget spinner manufacturer need to comply with?

Well, this question alone can be broken down into several further questions:

A look around the world at mental health in the workplace

by Elise Saade 24 Nov. 2017

Among the countless number of occupational diseases workers are exposed to globally, mental health issues have proved to be one of the most dangerous. Studies continue to confirm their accountability for a majority of long-term leaves from work, just

Enhesa Co-Hosts Japan Global EHS Seminar

by Hiromi Tasaki 16 Nov. 2017

On 26th October 2017, the second annual Japan Global EHS Seminar was held at the Hilton Osaka. The seminar was co-organized by Enhesa and SGS Japan.

California Demands Disclosure of Chemicals in Cleaning Products

by Christian Petrangelo 08 Nov. 2017

California Becomes First US State to Require Manufacturers of Designated Cleaning Products to Disclose Hazardous Chemicals on Labels and Online

Shock Waves in China

by Taotao Yue 02 Nov. 2017

Two Peas in a Pod

by Karolina Wrzecionkowska 24 Oct. 2017

Does compliance with EHS laws fit into your Corporate Social Responsibility strategy?

In a new publication, which you can download, Enhesa Regulatory Analyst Karolina Wrzecionkowska examines the aforementioned question.

Do your “low risk” facilities get enough attention when it comes to complying with EHS laws?

by Enhesa 20 Oct. 2017

By Tjeerd Hendel-Blackford with assistance from Sarah Toussaint