Ecodesign and Energy Labeling: More Stringent Rules with Electronics

by Elise Saade 08 Jul. 2020

More stringent ecodesign and energy labeling rules will apply to electronics as of next year in the European Union and we can expect similar rules for other products in a near future.

Global Trends In Restrictions and Responses - COVID-19 Web Series Recap

by Christan Humphries 06 May. 2020

As the COVID-19 crisis progresses, it's only logical that many safety and control measures have become more strict, however you may be surprised to know that while some regulations have increased, others have moved in the opposite direction. From

Corporate Governance In the Days of the Coronavirus: Employee & Global Welfare

by Gabriela Troncoso Alarcón and Kim Stefanski 22 Apr. 2020

Globally, we’re now in the fourth month of watching the Covid-19 pandemic play out. Countries in Asia are working toward recovering, while other parts of the world are experiencing a peak in cases or are planning for and trying to flatten the curve.

In it for the Long Run (Part 3: Choosing a Content Provider)

by Jessica Sarnowski, Senior Content Marketing Manager 25 Mar. 2020

In it for the Long Run is a series of blog posts that follows the journey of a newly appointed environmental, health and safety (EHS) Director. We follow the Director as she wrestles with recognizing initial EHS compliance hurdles for her team (Part

Daily Updates: COVID-19

by Enhesa 23 Mar. 2020

What is Happening Around the Globe?

With measures changing globally in response to the Covid-19 virus on a daily basis, we acknowledge how difficult it is for the EHS/SHE community to stay up-to-date and on top of regulations. At Enhesa, staying on

COVID-19: an EHS Perspective for Employers

by Jessica Sarnowski, Head of Content Marketing & Thought Leadership 12 Mar. 2020


If you are part of any business right now, you are, no doubt, aware of the global outbreak of COVID-19. This virus is the cause of event cancellations around the world, from sporting events to EHS industry gatherings. No one is “immune”

Australian Bushfires Special Report: How will Australia respond to the devastating EHS impacts?

by Tamlyn Jayatilaka 11 Mar. 2020

In this Enhesa Special Report, EHS Legal Consultant, Tamlyn Jayatilaka covers the recent devastation of the Australian Bushfires. This report explores the environmental and human health impacts of this disaster, the economic costs incurred and how

Development of “Zero Waste” Cities in China

by Wanjing Lu 03 Mar. 2020

This post describes recent developments of solid waste management in China. 

Times Are Changing: Impressions from ALI-CLE Environmental Law 2020

by Jessica Sarnowski, Head of Content Marketing & Thought Leadership 27 Feb. 2020

This is an opinion piece on a recent environmental law conference in Washington, D.C. 

How Should Companies React to Japan’s Harassment Prevention Requirements?

by Yujing Pan 19 Feb. 2020

You may be aware that Japan’s #KuToo movement is receiving significant attention on social media. The #KuToo movement is an ongoing movement against the policy of mandatory heels at workplaces and addresses the scourge of workplace harassment.