Big Spring Wins for Enhesa!

by Tjeerd Hendel-Blackford 25 May. 2018

Enhesa is springing into spring with a big bounce, as we were nominated for not one, not two, but THREE awards in very different categories. These awards are a testament to the broad and varied attributes that have made Enhesa the global market leader in EHS regulatory compliance assurance?

So, what did we win?

Enhesa’s Compliance Intelligence was named an Environmental Leader Product of the Year!

At an awards ceremony in Denver, Colorado on May 16, Enhesa was announced as a winner of Environmental Leader’s prestigious “Product of the Year” award.

The Environmental Leader Product and Project Awards recognizes excellence in products/services and projects that provide companies with environmental, sustainability and energy management benefits. Winners are awarded Top Product or Top Project of the Year based on scores from a panel of distinguished judges with in-the-trenches experience in environmental management.

About Enhesa’s Compliance Intelligence service:

Enhesa’s EHS Regulatory Compliance Intelligence provides clear consolidated summaries of regulations and requirements, per jurisdiction. The Enhesa Compliance Intelligence service allows you to identify the regulations and requirements that are applicable to you and assess compliance against them either through self-assessment or a full audit, and continue to manage on-going compliance through frequent updates that track changes.

  • The Enhesa Compliance Intelligence can be delivered in one of three ways:
  • As a Datafeed into the compliance or audit modules of one of our EHS Software Partner Platforms
  • As an Excel Audit Scorecard, downloadable from your dedicated Enhesa client website
  • Via the Enhesa Compliance Dashboard on your dedicated Enhesa client website

The Compliance Intelligence Service includes the following elements:

  • Regulatory Foundations – A list of all EHS laws within your contracted scope, with consolidated summaries of each law and access to the full, original legal text
  • Applicability Screening Questions - Filter out irrelevant regulations or requirements
  • Requirements – Clearly phrased compliance questions derived from specific articles of law accompanied by Guide Notes, Regulatory Citations and an indication of Required Documentation
  • Quarterly Updates & Change Notification - Enhesa will update and flag on a regular basis any changes in regulations and requirements and include a brief change note
  • Client Services Training & Support – Receive training and support on the use of Enhesa’s services from our dedicated Client Services team

Optional additional support is provided through Enhesa’s Expert Support Services.

Quotes from Environmental Leader Judges:

“The caliber of entries was very high this year, and the scores reflected that -- you’re included in an elite bunch. Congratulations!”

“This is something every global company should be using to ensure compliance at the local level.”

“This a great product for global companies to ensure they maintain regulatory compliance across the globe.”

Enhesa CEO, Peter Hermans, had this to say about the award:

“This award is testament to the market-leading product we have developed over many years and has become the industry standard for global multinationals that take a pro-active and responsible approach to managing their compliance with EHS laws, wherever they operate.

The delivery of our product would not be possible without the hard work that our regulatory analysts (representing dozens of countries from around that word) that help us to cover so many of the world’s countries and regions, and provide clear, standardized analysis of the EHS legal obligations in those jurisdictions.

Similarly, we could not have won this award without the efforts of our Quality and IT teams in ensuring the smooth delivery and reliability of our service.

Finally, one of the unique aspects of our service is that it integrates seamlessly with a number of strategic software partners, meaning that the Compliance Intelligence can be used in whichever leading EHS software platform our clients choose to use. For this we need to tank our strategic software partners (Intelex, Enablon, Gensuite, UL EHS Sustainability, VelocityEHS and ProcessMAP, etc) for all their hard work on integrating our content.”


Enhesa Wins Intelex EHSQ Alliance Award for Solutions Partner of the Year!

During Intelex’s EHSQ Alliance Conference held in Austin, Texas from April 18-20, Enhesa was announced as the winner of the EHSQ Alliance Award for Solutions Partner of the Year!

With nine categories ranging from Environmental Stewardship, Health & Safety Performance to Implementation Partner of the Year, the 2018 EHSQ Alliance Awards recognize innovation, leadership, commitment and honors outstanding achievement demonstrated by Intelex customers and partners.

The Solutions Partner award “honors a partner that has successfully integrated their solution with Intelex. Entries must illustrate the success of the partnership or an Intelex customer”.

The award therefore specifically recognizes the work that Enhesa has done over the past year in enhancing, fostering and growing our strategic partnership with Intelex in terms of:

  • Technical integration of the Enhesa Compliance Intelligence content, within the Intelex platform
  • Sales and Account Management efforts involving teams across the world.
  • Marketing and Thought Leadership collaboration, to demonstrate our leading position in the EHS software and content markets, respectively.

The award also specifically highlights the successful work done with our joint client: Toyota Motors.


International SOS Duty of Care Award for Thought Leadership

At a Gala Awards dinner held in Chicago on May 17, Enhesa was recognized for being shortlisted for the International SOS Foundation Duty of Care Award for Thought Leadership

The Awards recognize outstanding achievements in meeting high standards of health, safety and security at work. It provides entrants with a chance to attain external recognition for their success in protecting their people.

This year’s theme for the awards was “Empowering Sustainability & Resilience” and attracted over 355% more entries than last year, from 42 countries and 59 sectors. The awards honor best practices in mitigating travel, health and security risks for workers crossing borders or posted in challenging or fragile locations.

Laurent Fourier, Director of the International SOS Foundation, comments, “We are greatly encouraged in our endeavors to further the Duty of Care agenda. We have seen a significant increase in interest and entries in our third year running these prestigious awards. This reflects a growing global drive to improve practices across actors. ‘Sustainability’ is one of the three new categories year, and it has been one of the most popular. Year on year, organizations are raising the bar in Duty of Care initiatives. Whether protecting a global workforce of busing less travelers or workers offshore or in remote locations, our panel of judges have been very impressed with the high level of expertise and commitment to strategic implementation.”

The Thought Leadership category recognizes the best survey, research or analysis to better understand or mitigate risks linked to working abroad.

In an on-going thought leadership campaign Enhesa and its multinational health & safety legal consultants worked closely with International SOS medical directors from different countries to produce valuable insight and advice to companies and their travelling employees on the Occupational Health & Safety laws, culture and practices that they will face in specific countries. Through a combination of webinar broadcasts and recordings and white paper publications covering the OHS challenges in Russia, India and Mexico, the campaign provides companies with a valuable and free resource to help them look after their employees while doing business in those locations.

The Enhesa and International SOS thought leadership collaboration was launched as the senior leadership at both companies recognized that both organizations share a similar worldwide audience of health, safety, risk, security and operations professionals – but both companies provide very different services and solutions. Working together therefore allows the dissemination of topical, practically useful and insightful information and learning to that audience (free of charge) and demonstrates the expertise of both companies in their respective fields. The campaign is expected to continue for the foreseeable future.

The basis of the thought leadership campaign from the Enhesa perspective is that organizations operating in countries that they are not familiar with face various challenges when trying to comply with occupational health and safety regulations. Organizations have a moral and legal responsibility to provide Duty of Care to their employees and understand the Occupational Health standards in the country in question. Failure to adhere to these regulations can be costly, timely and have a negative effect on an organization’s reputation. A lack of a clear understanding of the requirements and non-compliance with the law can lead to serious violations, accidents, legal actions and financial expenditures.

Based on demand and interest from our stakeholder audience, the campaign has thus far focused on the challenges faced by employers in Russia, India and Mexico and specifically has resulted in the following examples of materials and resources being made available to all interested parties:


For Russia, Enhesa’s Senior EHS Regulatory Analyst Katsiaryna Anoshka co-authored a white paper entitled “Investing and Operating in Russia: Mitigate Occupational Health Risks and Meet Regulatory Compliance” in June 2017 and co-presented a webinar to an audience of several hundred on the same topic.

Evgeniy Lubalin, Regional Medical Director at International SOS, comments, ‘While some of Russia’s regulations in regards to Duty of Care, are similar to many countries, there are several that are not standard for the EU, US and other countries. For instance, there is a requirement to provide employees in certain environments with milk during every shift, regardless of shift length. Also, every employee under the age of 18 must undergo a mandatory medical examination regardless of the type of work and working conditions. In partnering with Enhesa, the White Paper provides valuable insight to this essential area of knowledge for organizations operating in Russia.”

Tjeerd Hendel-Blackford, Head of Thought Leadership at Enhesa, comments, “As international and regional organizations operating in Russia face a number of unique challenges when trying to comply with the region’s health and safety regulations. The legal framework is complex and combines acts dating back to the USSR with modern legislation from various federal and regional agencies, offices, administrations and other government authorities. A lack of clear understanding of the requirements and non-compliance can lead to serious violations, accidents, legal action, financial penalties and reputational damage.



With a population of over 124 million, Mexico is the second largest economy in Latin America and the largest Spanish-speaking country in the world. Culturally and geographically diverse, the country is a chosen destination for foreign companies looking to invest and operate in.

In this context, Enhesa Senior EHS Regulatory Analyst Gabriela Troncoso Alarcón co-presented a webinar to representatives of over one hundred companies in February 2018 entitled “Mexico: Mitigating Human Capital Risks and Occupational Health Challenges: A Comprehensive Guide for Foreign Organizations Operating in Mexico”.

The webinar was followed up with a white paper with the same title, that also features contributions from Enhesa analysts: Jimena Murillo Chávarro, Elizabeth Tomassetti and Nancy Arriola.



With a population of more than one billion people, India faces an ever-changing and unpredictable ecosystem for occupational health. Foreign companies looking to invest and operate in India are exposed to a unique set of challenges which need to be considered to avoid legal implications.

For India, Enhesa Senior EHS Regulatory Analyst Sunita Paudyal co-presented a webinar in June 2017 on how to mitigate human capital risks and occupational health challenges in India. The webinar outlined what occupational health challenges to expect when operating in India and how to best protect your workforce. Again there were over one hundred participants who were given valuable insights on the following key topics:

  • India’s Occupational Health legal framework
  • Challenges faced in Occupational Health and Human Resources
  • Solutions to the Occupational Health challenges
  • Best practices for a healthy and stable workforce

The thought leadership input from Enhesa addresses the most complex and contradictory legal requirements pertaining to occupational health and safety, harm prevention, current common law practices and provides guidance on the problems employees face in this field. For each country covered the resources created outline the potential occupational hazards, the requirements for medical examinations and employer’s responsibilities to their workers. Each resource includes case studies with examples of legal cases focusing on workplace accident and psychological damage.

The thought leadership campaign by International SOS and Enhesa provides long-term benefits to stakeholders as each of the resources (white papers and webinars) continue to be accessible and available for download.