Enhesa Co-Hosts Japan Global EHS Seminar

by Hiromi Tasaki 16 Nov. 2017

On 26th October 2017, the second annual Japan Global EHS Seminar was held at the Hilton Osaka. The seminar was co-organized by Enhesa and SGS Japan.

In attendance were 40 senior EHS, Audit, and Product Stewardship professionals representing around 30 Japanese companies that operate globally across all industry types including, but not limited to: automotive, manufacturing; electronics; chemicals; medical equipment and pharmaceutical.

The day’s program started with opening remarks by Enhesa CEO, Peter Hermans who commented on the growth of EHS compliance management that we are witnessing across Japan-headquartered global companies. Head of the Enhesa Japan Office, Hiromi Tasaki, then gave a presentation on the “Cost of Non-compliance” to raise awareness of how much risk would be associated if you are not complying with EHS regulations globally.



Peter Hermans, CEO of Enhesa



Hiromi Tasaki, Head of the Japan Enhesa Office

The keynote speaker at the event was Mr. Motto Ohara, Senior General Manager for Environment Innovation Center for the Omron Corporation. He discussed how Omron manages its compliance with environmental, as well as health & safety laws globally and the stressed the importance of EHS compliance from a corporate sustainability and governance point of view.

Mr. Ohara also detailed how Omron uses Enhesa’s services to ensure global EHS compliance at its production sites. Omron currently subscribes to Enhesa’s Compliance Intelligence (in the form of ScoreCards) and Forecaster reports for over 20 jurisdictions. Mr. Ohara stressed how Omron has been able to effectively manage its overseas EHS compliance using an external expert service provider such as Enhesa. His presentation drew a lot of attention from the audience and participants asked many questions. We received excellent feedback from the participants that Mr.Ohara’s presentation was very helpful for them to review how their respective companies should move towards a global EHS regulatory compliance approach.



Mr. Motto Ohara, Senior General Manager for Environment Innovation Center for the Omron Corporation

The next presentation was delivered by Mr. Yasushi Yamazaki of SGS Japan, who presented on business practices that Japanese global companies should pay attention to in order to avoid problems in doing business in Asia. He focused particularly on South East Asia and issues such as child labor in the supply chain.

A final presentation was delivered by Reiko Sakai, Enhesa Client Services Coordinator, who presented a brief introduction of the Enhesa services–and how those services can be delivered independently or via a third-party EHS software management platform –and how these services help companies to manage various aspects of their businesses including EHS.



Reiko Sakai, Enhesa Client Services Coordinator

The seminar was followed by a networking happy hour reception which was a good opportunity for attendees and speakers to casually discuss their concerns and difficulties.




If you are based in Japan, and would like to know more about the Enhesa services, or would be keen to participate in a future Global EHS Seminar, please contact Enhesa at info@enhesa.com !