Enhesa University – Forging Professional and Personal Growth!

by Tjeerd Hendel-Blackford 23 Mar. 2018

During the week of the 4th-11th February 2018, seven of Enhesa’s Europe-based EHS regulatory analysts traveled from their base in Brussels to spend a week with seven of their colleagues in Washington DC as part of the Enhesa University training program.

Now in its second year, the Enhesa University is a company-wide training program that seeks to offer qualifying participants career-path development; professional training and a chance to have fun and connect with colleagues from all over the world.

We spoke to some of the Enhesa team who participated, to learn what they got out of the program, and the experience…

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Jade K (Australia)

The Enhesa University week was a chance for us to explore potential “talent development” paths within the company by listening to presentations from different departments and learning how we might participate in their team. Paths on offer include, for example, quality, project management, people management, sales, product stewardship and IT.

Overall, I found the experience both rewarding and enriching. Personal highlights included learning about different personalities and how they interact through a Myers Briggs assessment and analysis, seeing the Washington DC office’s beautiful view over the Potomac river, learning effective conflict management strategies for use in the workplace, and shooting a 200 in alley roller league at the downstairs bar. At the end of the week we all returned to Brussels highly jet-lagged, but also with a better understanding of both the company and our future role within it.

James O (Nigeria)

For me, the top things Enhesa University highlighted were:

  • Camaraderie. First of all, it was fun. It was good to see familiar faces and interact face to face with new ones.
  • Self-Reflection. Prior to the program we all did an MBTI personality assessment. The results of the assessment, and its meaning, were revealed during the week. The exercises presented several avenues for self-assessment, self-reflection, and understanding.
  • Understanding the company. Enhesa University was the missing piece in understanding Enhesa as it stands today. It allowed us to to understand the business processes, where the company’s process needs strengthening, where the process is strong, and where opportunities for growth lie.
  • Understanding how you fit into the company. Perhaps more importantly, the Enhesa University program allows consultants to see where, how, and with whom they would fit long-term. It showed what skills a consultant needed to develop to fit roles..

Gabriela T (Mexico)

The Enhesa University week was a great experience and shows the company’s genuine interest in our future. Enhesa University for seniors provided us with an opportunity to those who had already followed a path the last year to show what we know and what we have learnt so far in the path chosen and also it allowed everyone to understand what other departments and how individuals contribute to the success of the company.

I am very grateful to the company for this opportunity. Thanks to the talent development program, now I am part of the Expert Support Services team and I am able to help our clients to be compliant by using our tools and services.

Veronika K (Slovakia)

Enhesa University gave me an insight into what all the departments are doing and enabled me to see the whole picture and mission of Enhesa. It also made me feel more valued as a consultant and member of the company.

It was also great to meet all the colleagues from DC and see their office. They made us feel more than welcome!

Katya A (Belarus)

The week started with a presentation from our CEO on the company’s strategy and where the company sees us fitting into this. In a nutshell, each department was trying to sell themselves to us, as the consultants present will start talent development paths this year within the teams/departments we have. It was great, as we got an entire picture of Enhesa, with great insight into what each of the teams do.

Throughout the week, we also did some exercises/cases on how to be a good manager. On Friday we had an organized tour with a guide around DC, visiting memorials and key points of interests. The weekend was just for us, so some people went shopping and some cool kids went to museums. It was a great week, always good to see DC people, learn a lot of new things about Enhesa, as well as about ourselves 😊

Gillian W (USA)

Over the course of the two years I have been with Enhesa, the company has undergone many changes, expanded, and reorganized. Being in the Washington D.C. office, some of these changes have seemed removed from my work, but Enhesa University, and the talent development program at large, have clarified the company’s functions, and offered a vision of how consultants can contribute to Enhesa’s future.

It was gratifying to see the company’s continued investment in its employees, as well as to track our own growth over the year. I was lucky to attend Enhesa University in late 2016 and to travel to Brussels to meet my colleagues. To reunite with colleagues from Europe was a great experience. After a year since our first training together, it is clear how much we have grown professionally, and what a good rapport is fostered at Enhesa. After having traveled to Brussels, it was fun to welcome our colleagues to our home turf.

John B (Brazil)

It was very inspiring to see that the company is willing to invest in our career development. I feel like I now have the full picture of the company (including what the colleagues in the Sales and IT departments do exactly). It was a week filled with practical details and experiences that have helped me to select the path that better suits my skills.

It was great to learn more about personality types and how we can draw on our personal strengths and develop certain areas in order to better work as part of the team.

It was also very motivating to spend a week with the colleagues from the DC office and feel like we are all part of the same company.