In it for the Long Run (Part 3: Choosing a Content Provider)

by Jessica Sarnowski, Senior Content Marketing Manager 25 Mar. 2020

In it for the Long Run is a series of blog posts that follows the journey of a newly appointed environmental, health and safety (EHS) Director. We follow the Director as she wrestles with recognizing initial EHS compliance hurdles for her team (Part 1) and how she will make the case to the C-Suite for investing in environmental compliance (Part 2). In order to overcome obstacles to compliance, the Director will need to determine which EHS solution (content provider) is right for her team (Part 3) and she will need to figure out how to roll-out the EHS solution effectively (Part 4). Finally, she must maintain compliance at her company’s facilities through effective use of the EHS solution (Part 5).


It is the end of Q1 and our EHS Director is called into the CEO’s office for a meeting. Approved. Your budget for an EHS content provider is approved. The Director thinks to herself, “Excellent! Now I can really get to work.” However, the reality of “getting to work” is not quite imminent. The EHS Director now has to research options, prioritize needs, compare costs and ultimately make a decision about which provider is the right one for her business. This is not as straightforward as one would initially think, given that there are multiple content providers in the market with different strengths. The Director (or someone she designates from her team), will need to sit in on multiple sales calls and during those calls, try to ascertain which solution is really best for the type of business that she is involved in. Pricing will have to be considered – as well as who on her team will be using the content provided and how they will be using it. All of this can be a little overwhelming and so below is a “needs” checklist that the Director can use to prepare for demos, sales discussions and ultimately, the decision on where to spend her budget.

Needs Checklist



This “needs” checklist is a great way to kick off a discussion with a vendor. The Director should keep these and other considerations in mind as she sets out to review the content providers in the market. The Director needs to think about her specific team, her operations, what she needs and what she can forgo. Picking the “right” content provider is a vital first step for success for the Director, her team and her company.

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