California Legislature Expands Prohibition Against Smoking in the Workplace

by Claire Brown 26 Jul. 2016

On 5 May 2016, Governor Jerry Brown signed ABX2-7 and SBX2-5 into law. ABX2-7 expanded the prohibition against smoking in the workplace by closing loopholes in and removing exemptions from the existing prohibition. Additionally, SBX2-5 established

Global Corporate EHS Performance Benchmark Study

by Thierry Dumortier 19 Jul. 2016
Do you ever wonder where you stand with your corporate EHS Program compared to your peers? Are you amongst the leaders, the followers, average or lagging? If things go wrong, will the program help you get through the turbulence and stay out of jail?

Events in Asia

by Kengo Okuda, Sally Li, Sansanee Dhanasarnsombat and Ellen Zhang 12 Jul. 2016

2016 CHWMEG Annual Meeting in St. Louis Missouri, U.S.A.

On 4 May 2016, Enhesa presented as guest speakers at the 2016 CHWMEG Annual Meeting. CHWMEG, Inc. is a non-profit trade association comprised of various types of corporations interested in

Future-Proof EHS Compliance & Boost Performance: Q&A with Rachel Degenhardt Karpovich at Enhesa

by Anna Clark 05 Jul. 2016

This post originally appeared on Enablon Insights.

The Price of Safety: Your EHS Budget is NOT an EHS Budget

by Tjeerd Hendel-Blackford 29 Jun. 2016

At every safety conference I go to, every safety talk, speech or presentation – in nine out of ten instances there is a return to the basic question of why we manage health and safety. The question generally has an unequivocal response: “to ensure

Plastic, Plastic Everywhere! And Plenty of it to Eat? The United States to Ban Plastic on “Micro” Level

by Ruth White 23 Jun. 2016

It’s a big year for plastic in the U.S.! Much like a celebrity who gained, lost, and regained significant body weight, plastic in its various shapes and forms has been receiving a lot of media attention recently. Just like a Hollywood “it” list,

Improve Your Corporate EHS Learning Program

by Thierry Dumortier 20 Jun. 2016

How do you stop your EHS training program from becoming outdated, irrelevant or dangerously non-existent? In order to properly manage EHS within your organization, employees must be equipped with the right knowledge and skills. Depending on the

Tenth Annual HSE Excellence Europe

by Tjeerd Hendel-Blackford 13 Jun. 2016

Tenth Annual HSE Excellence Europe | Enhesa

On 17 - 18 May 2016, Enhesa participated in the 10th Annual HSE Excellence Conference. This year, the event was held in Frankfurt with the theme “Beyond the Plateau: EHS Leadership for all”. The event

Rock Collecting not Appropriate for the Workplace: New Rules Protect Workers from Crystalline Silica Exposure

by Ruth White 08 Jun. 2016

Quartz is a mineral that many people begin recognizing from an early age. It is sparkly, pretty, and comes in a variety of colors. What the mainstream may not know is that quartz is not only for rock collectors. Quartz is one of the most common forms

Chemical Regulation Reform Passes the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate, Presidential Approval Expected

by Gillian Wener 06 Jun. 2016

This post was updated on 8 June 2016

The chemical industry is on edge, waiting for a definitive answer on comprehensive chemical reform that seemed sure to be enacted by both houses of Congress and the President.