EU Action Against Deforestation & Its Worldwide Impact

by Gabriela Troncoso Alarcón 05 Sep. 2019

Overshoot Day occurred on July 29,this year—the earliest date ever [1].

The Legalization of Marijuana and Employer Obligations

by Willmary Escoto 29 Aug. 2019


The evolution of the cannabis industry and its state by state legalization has created a fog of uncertainty for employers. On June 5th, Nevada passed a law  that explicitly prohibits employers from refusing to hire a job applicant for failing a

High Risk Sectors in the Face of Heat Stress

by Elise Saade 14 Aug. 2019

The summer of 2019 came with unprecedented temperatures we haven’t seen since 1947, reaching more than 45°C (11°F) in France. Globally, temperatures reached 1.71°F above the 20th century’s average.   

Incident Reporting in the United States

by Hannah Solomon 29 Jul. 2019

Hannah Solomon is an EHS Regulatory Consultant at Enhesa  focusing on jurisdictions in the United States.

The United Kingdom: A Forerunner on Environmental Issues

by Serena Anand 12 Jul. 2019

On June 26, 2019, the United Kingdom became the first country to pass a law banning greenhouse gas and carbon emissions by 2050. Several other governments—including New Zealand and the state of New York— are pursuing similar measures.   

The Impact of EHS Standards Worldwide on Trade Agreements

by Rana Kassas 28 Jun. 2019

Are Trade Negotiators EHS Standard Makers or Standard Takers?

How to Enhance Safety Culture and Leadership through Proactive Legal Compliance?

by Tjeerd Hendel-Blackford 14 Jun. 2019

Compliance is a must-have.

The more you read about the EHS industry, the more you hear about how companies want to move “beyond compliance.” This statement is understandable—compliance can feel like just another administrative burden and just another

Best Practice Solutions Series Volume 10: Getting Support on EHS Regulatory Questions

by Tjeerd Hendel-Blackford 06 Jun. 2019

Greetings reader! Thanks for joining us for the tenth volume of the 12 Best Practices of Compliance Solutions Series.

A Centralized or Decentralized EHS Compliance Program?

by Tjeerd Hendel-Blackford 21 May. 2019

Is Your Approach Centralized or Decentralized?

Companies tend to have one of two different approaches to managing EHS regulatory compliance: They are either “centralized” or “decentralized" programs.

Technostress: How Can We Curb the Negative Influence of Technology at Work?

by Joep Buitelaar 09 May. 2019

Technology: it can boost the productivity and creativity of your employees, significantly lower risks and expenses and even reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Many people have, through technology, the opportunity to work from any location at any time,