Ask Enhesa Vol. 13

by Enhesa 03 Aug. 2018

Featuring contributions from Tjeerd Hendel-Blackford, Mark Atkinson, Larissa Copello, Catarina Hastesko and Veronika Krupcikova

Circular Economy: From EU policy concept to having a concrete impact

by Marta Edreira Garcia 18 Jul. 2018

In December 2015, the European Commission (the Commission) launched its plan for a Circular Economy, consisting of a series of legislative proposals with a view to achieving a new economic model. Under this model, both production and consumption

Best Practice Solutions Series Volume 1 - Staffing Resources & Departmental Health

by Tjeerd Hendel-Blackford 02 Jul. 2018
Greetings reader! Thanks for joining us on the first volume of the 12 Best Practices of Compliance Solutions Series.

Enhesa Enforcement Corner– Issue 7

by Enhesa 20 Jun. 2018

Input from Deirdre Perquy, Karolina Wrzecionkowska, Nina Koivula, Sunita Paudyal, Michael Pantelides, Veronika Krupcikova, Riccardo Zorgno, Gabriela Troncoso Alarcón, Gillian Wener, Wassila Nabourema, Ana Gomes dos Santos and Tjeerd Hendel-Blackford.

Focus On the Enhesa Team: James Olaleye

by James Olaleye 08 Jun. 2018

Enhesa is a multi-national, multi-cultural company that helps global companies be aware of and stay in compliance with environmental, health, and safety laws. Enhesa is able to provide our services thanks to our in-house team – based across our three

Big Spring Wins for Enhesa!

by Tjeerd Hendel-Blackford 25 May. 2018

Enhesa is springing into spring with a big bounce, as we were nominated for not one, not two, but THREE awards in very different categories. These awards are a testament to the broad and varied attributes that have made Enhesa the global market leader

The Enhesa Compliance Exchange Roadshow

by Tjeerd Hendel-Blackford 10 May. 2018

Connecting Best-in-Class Global EHS Programs & Practitioners

Enhesa Enforcement Corner– Issue 6

by Enhesa 04 May. 2018

Input from Tjeerd Hendel-Blackford, Elaine Ye, Kengo Okuda, Reiko Sakai, Deirdre Perquy, Jade Kennedy, Rhea Suri, Michael George Pantelides, Jimena Murillo Chávarro, Nina Koivula, Taotao Yue

Global criminal enforcement of illegal waste exports – a renewed focus?

by Morgane Horn (with an introduction by Tjeerd Hendel-Blackford) 27 Apr. 2018

We look back at Interpol’s “30-days of action” global enforcement action to combat illegal waste exports and we examine to what extent the problem is being dealt with, to the backdrop of Earth Day 2018 and its focus on ending plastic waste pollution.

Earth Day: Why it is Good for Business

by Tjeerd Hendel-Blackford 22 Apr. 2018

April 22nd is Earth Day. Did you know it’s the world’s biggest environmental movement and now in its 48th year?