Spotlight on the Enhesa team: Client Services

by Christian Schwensen 11 Dec. 2017

Enhesa is a multi-national, multi-cultural company that helps global companies be aware of and stay in compliance with environmental, health, and safety laws. Enhesa is able to provide our services thanks to our in-house team – based across our three corporate offices. In this regular feature, you will be able to meet and get to know some of the Enhesa Team, the people that make our services what they are.

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Q: Christian, as Client Services Manager, can you describe what your team Does? 

The Client Services team acts as the first point of contact for questions related to Enhesa’s content and services. The team is available to provide support to clients worldwide and around the clock, as our team sits in different time zones. Our team works to train new users, both in-person and via webinar, on how to best utilize Enhesa’s services. We handle all service related questions, manage account and training access and records, and coordinate with other internal Enhesa teams as needed to answer client content, IT, or any other questions outside our area of expertise. In addition, we monitor client activity across our services and assist our clients with their overarching company EHS initiatives and goals to ensure both the user and company get the most value out of their services.


Q: Who are the members of your team?


I am the Client Services Manager (based in the USA), I have team of four helping me out across the world:

Cecily – Client Services Coordinator (USA)

Reiko – Client Services Coordinator (Japan)

Yoanne – Client Services Coordinator (Belgium)

Ellen – Expert Services Manager (China)

Q: What does a day in the life of a Client Services team member look like?

For the most part, our days involve the following:

  • Client training and demo calls explaining how to use Enhesa’s services
  • Customer service and troubleshooting calls for assistance
  • Resolve service related issues and provide status updates to clients for ongoing projects
  • Maintain client account records, track client interactions, trainings, and service use
  • Coordinate with other Enhesa teams internally
  • Welcome new Enhesa clients and assist with contract renewals

Q: What are the most frequent requests you receive?

We get a wide range of requests that will vary from simple account access and login questions to more complex specific regulatory questions and clarification requests. We also deal with requests for additional services or prospect inquiries. Finally, we also deal with service errors and technical issues that might arise – although these are rare!

Q: Do you work closely with other Enhesa departments?

Yes, many of the client questions that come to us must be redirected and worked through with our Consultants, Production, and Quality teams to utilize their EHS jurisdiction-specific expertise. We also work very closely with our IT team on any technical issues our clients face and specific data requests they often have.

Q: What gives you the most satisfaction?

The outcome of working with our clients directly, often in their most stressful times, to provide exceptional support. Our clients often come to us, and really lean on us, in important and timely situations. Answering their questions, even the simple ones, when they are truly in need, provides us with the utmost satisfaction!

Q: Favorite aspects of the job?

I know I speak for the rest of my team when I say that there are three things that really motivate us to come into work: relationship building with clients, problem solving, and the opportunity to work with diverse companies across the globe, as well as diverse colleagues and departments internally.

Q: Any positive feedback?

Yes! We often get praise from our clients about our timeliness and thorough and well-constructed responses which are a result of working together as a team. Our responses are often constructed by more than one Client Services team member and often includes the assistance of other internal; departments. Our team recently received great client feedback on their very thorough and clear tailored training sessions regarding our services.