The Enhesa Compliance Exchange Roadshow

by Tjeerd Hendel-Blackford 10 May. 2018

Connecting Best-in-Class Global EHS Programs & Practitioners

After two years of Enhesa’s Compliance Exchange Conference, and following attendee feedback, in 2017 Enhesa moved to a new and improved format: The Enhesa Compliance Exchange Roadshows. In April 2018, we concluded our Compliance Exchange Roadshow in Brussels and are looking forward to the rest of our 2018 Compliance Exchange Roadshows in New York, Chicago, Tokyo and Osaka!

What are the Roadshows?

  • Short, sharp, half-day events in various locations around the world
  • In 2017 the events were held in October, in Philadelphia, Chicago and Seattle.
  • Intimate group of high-caliber invitees
  • Starts with a lunch, ends with cocktail hour
  • In-between, leading global EHS executives share their honest experiences, learn about current and future Enhesa service initiatives
  • Foster discussion and debate on best-practice and learnings – both good and bad
  • Sample attendees included Global EHS VPs and Directors representing the likes of General Electric, Eaton, Teva, Johnson Controls, J.P. Morgan, Ingersoll Rand, United Technologies, Wells Fargo, Google, Amazon, Jabil and Adient.

What do you get out of an Enhesa Roadshow?

At the Roadshows, the informal and purposefully small group size encourages plenty of open and frank discussion and feedback from all attendees. Sample takeaways included:

  • A detailed insight into the Global EHS compliance programs from the people who run them at large multinationals such as General Electric, Johnson Controls and Eaton, including:
    • The starting point and evolution of EHS compliance programs;
    • How departments and resources are structured and often kept lean;
    • The challenges of employee turnover. EHS is often a part-time function, can be viewed as a ‘peripheral function’, and comes with a heavy workload;
    • The impacts of acquisitions, divestitures and leadership commitment on EHS programs;
    • Different approaches to use and implementation of Enhesa’s Compliance Intelligence and Regulatory Forecaster service covering:
      • adoption from global down to BU/Regional and site level;
      • whether to take mandatory, voluntary, or a combination approach;
      • requirement of audits, self-assessments or management system;
      • annual, biennial or triennial compliance status reviews;
      • determination of the applicability of legal requirements;
      • management of change;
      • language selections;
      • the use of compliance metrics for internal and external reporting;
      • the in-house or third-party tools used.
  • The concrete benefits of adoption of the Enhesa services – improving knowledge and awareness of obligations, in English and local languages;
  • The hurdles to overcome in integrating Enhesa content with a third-party software partner;
  • Specific challenges related to managing global EHS regulatory volume, complexity, and rate of change.
  • An overview of the Enhesa Expert Support Services that we offer to our major clients to support and enhance their programs.
  • An in-depth look at the Enhesa tiered Partnership program – which software companies we work with; what joint capabilities we have, and how we work with them.
  • A look at the future: where Enhesa’s service offerings are moving to allow an on-going (less audit- or register-focused approach) to managing regulatory compliance across all your global locations – increasing efficiency, effectiveness and engagement.

For specific feedback and references for the event we are happy to put you in touch with prior attendees. We look forward to hitting the road and seeing you at future Enhesa Compliance Exchange Roadshows!