Ecodesign and Energy Labeling: More Stringent Rules with Electronics

by Elise Saade 08 Jul. 2020

More stringent ecodesign and energy labeling rules will apply to electronics as of next year in the European Union and we can expect similar rules for other products in a near future.

Enhesa Enforcement Corner– Issue 2

by Enhesa 10 Oct. 2017

Enforcement in August 2017

Ask Enhesa Vol. 6

by Enhesa 25 Jul. 2017

Featuring contributions from Gabriela Troncoso, Katsiaryna Anoshka, Elise Saade, Kengo Okuda, Paige Samson, Caitlin O’Sullivan, Ruth White and Wassila Nabourema and Tjeerd Hendel-Blackford


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